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Empty Spcs was born in 2012, founded by the photographer and visual artist Luiza Lacava and tech anthropologist Luiz Vieira, both have always worked with music festivals and Gig’s, and so decided to join forces into a research/photo project.

The main idea was to register the technological fetiche embodied by music festivals attendees, portraying this new way of experiencing live events through or with the support of technology, extending the experience beyond the physical/live domain into virtual memory. Digital HD Cameras, Vintage Lomo’s, Smartphones, not-so Smartphones, sound recorders, tablets, computers among many other technologies were embodied by the festival goers, resembling  “festival wear”, in a fashion sense.

In the first year, Empty Spcs documented 4 festivals (Primavera Festival in Barcelona, Sonar also in Barcelona, Bestival in the Isle of Wight, and the Coachella festival in California), capturing portraits of peoples and their technologies with a Polaroid 600, and also other forms of embodiment and like fancy costume at Bestival or food at the Coachella festival. The subjects of our photos get a chance to sign anything they want in the Polaroid frame of their photos, hence one of the meaning for the name Empty spaces, which can also be understood in a more philosophical way.  

For our first exhibition we have selected our favorite material, expressing the core values of the project, filling the sp_ce between music, technology and the life in a festival.

You check out our hole project at our website: www.emptyspcs.com